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A great builder and a visionary economist, Marcel Côté contributed to the city’s prosperity and profile. An influential figure on the business scene, he was a founding partner of management consulting firm SECOR, which he led for over 30 years.

Born in Malartic, Mr. Côté obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Master’s degree in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. As an economist who was recognized by his peers, he wrote several books, notably dealing with regional and technological economics; he was also a Fellow of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University.

Involved in Montréal’s economic development for over 30 years, Marcel Côté published numerous essays on issues affecting the city. In 2010, he co-chaired a working group on Montréal’s issues of governance and taxation, resulting in the Côté-Séguin Report entitled A City That Lives Up To Our Aspirations.

Over the course of his remarkable career, Marcel Côté shared his great expertise to benefit society at large. His talents as a strategist were notably put to use in several companies and institutions in Quebec, Canada, and France.

A public policy expert, his involvement in high-level politics began in the late 1980s. He was an advisor to several prime ministers and political figures in Quebec and Canada, including Robert Bourassa, Brian Mulroney, and Jean Charest.
In 2013, Marcel Côté announced his candidacy for Mayor of Montréal and campaigned alongside Louise Harel. Following the elections, at the request of the newly elected mayor, Mr. Denis Coderre, he became an advisor to the president of the Executive Committee of the Ville de Montréal.
A proud Montrealer and a great philanthropist, Marcel Côté was known for his remarkable social, cultural, and political commitment. He was actively involved with several cultural and community organizations in Montréal, including the YMCA, the Foundation of Greater Montréal, the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, and Les amis de la montagne, working with boundless energy to improve the well-being of his community.

A good-hearted man, he was the recipient of many honours for his contributions to the Montréal community, including the 2012 Prix Arts-Affaires, awarded by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal and the Conseil des arts de Montréal to individuals who have made a difference in Montréal’s artistic milieu.