Alexander Kennedy PATERSON

Alexander Kennedy PATERSON

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Alex K. Paterson obtained a B.A. from Bishop's University in 1952 and a B.C.L. from McGill University in 1956. After being admitted to the Bar of Quebec in 1957, he joined the McMaster Gervais law firm, becoming a partner in 1969 and a senior partner in 1993.

Alex K. Paterson was admitted to the Bar of Alberta in 1971 and appointed Queen's Counsel two years later.

Throughout his career, Mr. Paterson has been very actively involved in a number of charitable organizations. He has served as honorary president of the Summit School's fundraising campaign since 1977, also serving as a member of the advisory board of McGill University's Faculties of Law and Dentistry since 1996.

He is also Chancellor of Bishop's University since 1995, co-chairman of the board of directors of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada since 1993, and a member of the Montreal General Hospital Ethics Committee and fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers Association since 1984 and 1982 respectively.

Mr. Paterson is also committed to the educational sector. Most notably, he has served as president of the Mackay Center for the past 15 years and also currently serves as the president of the Center's Foundation. He was also appointed chairman of the Board of Governors (1990 to 1994) of McGill University and a member of its Executive Committee (1988 to 1994), and chairman of the Consultative Committee and president of the Corporation of Bishop's University (1974 to 1979).

His marked interest for education and his will to further legislation in this particular sector led to his appointment as a special inquirer for the Quebec government in relation to labour disputes in 1976 in Quebec's schools and CEGEPs.

An attorney for the McGill University teaching hospitals since 1972, he taught medical law at McGill from 1973 to 1979 and served as chairman of the Steering Committee responsible for setting up the McGill University Hospital Centre, where he was interim chairman of the board of directors from 1994 to 1995. The Government of Quebec also called upon him to act as head negotiator during the Oka crisis.

In 1996, Alexander Paterson was awarded the Medal of Honour of the Bar of Montreal and the Distinguished Friends of Education Award, presented by CASE District 1 in Boston. Appointed Officer of the Order of Canada in 1982, Mr. Paterson was appointed Officer of the Ordre national du Québec in 1993.

Dawson College awarded him an Honorary Diploma in recognition of his public service (1991); he was presented the Award of Merit by the McGill University Alumnae Association (1986), became an officer of the Order of Canada (1982) and has received an Award of Merit (1996) and an L.L.D. (1994) from McGill University, and an Honorary D.C.L. from Bishop's University (1974). Founding Chairman of Alliance Quebec in 1982, Mr. Paterson later became involved in other organizations such as the Council for Canadian Unity and in 1980, served as vice-president of the Quebec/Canada Pre-Referendum Executive Committee of the National Committee for the No.

Alexander Kennedy Paterson is currently a director of APV-Hall Crepaco Inc., The Laurentian Bank of Canada, and The Laurentian Trust of Canada. He was also a director of the Fondation des ingénieurs du Québec from 1994 to 1995.